Guys. So I’m entered in the Pin Up Magazine’s Pinup of the month contest. Please just take a few seconds to go visit this link, click the little thumbs up (one vote per person!) and help me secure a page in the pin up magazine.
I’ve been bullied for years, and told that I’d never be anything special. I want to prove to all those jerks how karma works, and how wrong they were. Winning would mean the world to me and I’d find someway to make it up to you all. Especially since I’m having other girl’s supporters saying such nasty things about me, and how I shouldn’t be winning because of how I look. I’m close to just pulling out of the race entirely :/

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  4. thedaysarelikeknives said: Where do the other girls comment? So rude, obviously they don’t have a very high self-esteem, otherwise they wouldn’t do such a such thing. I’ve voted for you, hope you’ll win! Good Luck!
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    all my followers better vote for her and any one who wants to talk shit about this pretty young lady can fuck off
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    vote for this girl!
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