Questions & Answers

Where do you get your photos?

I get them mostly from DeviantART, weheartit, or reblogging from other Tumblr pages. I sometimes find them on websites I’ve stumbled across.

How often do you post?

Every day. Sometimes several times a day, unless I’m very busy. At my busiest, I may not post for two days, but I usually make up for that when I can return.

Where is the credit?

On your dashboard: When you enlarge the photo, underneath it should be a link to the original photo’s site.

On the blog page: When you click on a photo and isolate it on a page, click on the photo again and it should bring you to it’s original site. 

Why did you post my photos without my permission?

Since I usually get my photos from DeviantART, I usually check under the photo if the artist does not want their photos placed anywhere. If there’s nothing there, I usually post it if I like it.

Also, sometimes I get my photos from other blogs and websites that don’t have those kind of restrictions. So, please, do not attack me for posting a photo. If you don’t want your photo on my blog, please let me know and I’ll gladly remove it.

I’ve followed your blog, why haven’t you followed me back?

Alas, this is a tumblelog, which means I cannot follow back. Sorry!

Can I ask you for advice, suggestions, etc. involving pin-up clothing?

Yes! Mind you, I am not an expert, but I am happy to help anyone who drops a question in my ask box.