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Dita Von Teese

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we-canbeheroesjustforoneday asked "than you so much! i have now a better idea of what i should wear, thank you!"

No problem! :)

we-canbeheroesjustforoneday asked "my classmates and i will do a group photo for the school and the theme is "pin ups and marines". the girls dont know what to wear, any advice?! (sorry for my bad english)"

I would recommend nautical themed clothing for the ladies. Navy blue or black high waisted pencil skirts, lots of large buttons, maybe some neck scarves. Pictures will be a better description, so I’ll add a few. You should also try Googling “pin-up nautical clothing”.

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Samantha Arias

( I’m kind of my own modern day pin-up. Hope this is ok!)

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Hello, help me promote my blog? 
Thank you ♥

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Pinup business.

I reminded myself a tad of Lucille Ball here.

Photo by: tonymacias

Model: Me (

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Photography credits to Suzanna Chafin of Austin, TX. Model credits to Stefanie Cavendish & Andrew Cavendish

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Pin ups

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